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Bianco Carrara Marble

A fine-grained, white to grey marble of the Jurassic period, can be fine veined (venatino) or strong veined (venato) caused by flecks of graphite. Naturally occurring small cavities (called "tarolli") are to be expected in the surface of the slabs. Bianco Carrara is one of the best-known marble varieties in the world.

Botticino Semi Classico Marble

Botticino Semi Classico is a beige marble from Italy. Recommended Usage: counter tops and bars, wall and floor tiles.

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta is a white marble from Italy. Recommended Usage: counter tops and bars, wall and floor tiles.

Emperador Light Marble

Emperador Light is a brown marble from Spain. Recommended Usage: exterior, interior, wall cladding.

Gris Pulpis Marble

Gris Pulpis is a brown marble from Spain.

Jerusalem Gold Marble

Jerusalem Gold marble from Israel has a distinctive place in art history. Adhered to Jerusalem and called also as Jerusalem Stone or Holy Stone, due to its warm, rich and elegant look, it has been used in many palaces and temples around the east Mediterranean region during middle ages. It has a very warm blend of beige and gold colours with distinctive fossils and veining.

Sahara Biege Marble
Travertino Gold Marble

Travertino Gold is a gold marble from Italy. Recommended Usage: exterior, interior, wall cladding.

Travertino Noce Dark

Travertino Noce is a brown marble from Italy. Recommended Usage: exterior, interior, wall cladding, sink, basin.

Verde Guatemala Marble

Verde Guatemala is a green marble from India. Recommended Usage: exterior, interior.

Benefits of Marble Countertops

If you are thinking about upgrading your home’s kitchen, then a marble countertop is as good as it gets. Over the years, marble countertops have become one of the most searched for kitchen additions. This is mainly because of the various benefits presented by the marble stone itself. Since marble countertops tend to be quite pricey, it is in your best interest to take some time and learn the benefits of opting for one at home. This will give you an idea of how they stack up against other available alternatives such as wood or granite countertops. Below we will look at a few marble countertop benefits for your informational purposes.


Marble is a naturally occurring stone. It is forged through various geographical and chemical processes. It is among the hardest known materials used in the construction of kitchen countertops. These properties make it quite durable when used in the construction of kitchen countertops. The high cost paid for this type of countertops is justified by the value offered by its durability. When taken care of correctly, marble countertops can last for decades, maintaining their first day appearance all through this time.


Marble countertops tend to be quite appealing and complement the kitchen décor in a way that other materials cannot. Marble is characterised by varying colours and hues, which are determined by the geographical region and conditions it is obtained from. This makes it quite interesting to work with. It has a glossy appearance that tends to be very attractive. For homeowners who are looking to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their home’s kitchen, using a marble countertop is a great idea that is bound to achieve the expected results.

Relatively Heat Resistant

When choosing the best material to be used as a kitchen countertop, heat resistance is one of the main considerations. Marble tends to be heat resistant for any level of heat expected in a regular kitchen. This mean that you can rest assured that your kitchen counter will not catch fire or get damaged when hot items are placed on it. However, it is important to mention that placing very hot items directly on the marble can cause permanent colour change. The use of place mat is recommended to deal with this.

High Strength

Marble is a high strength material that is resistant to damage from normal shocks and impact. To break or crack the marble countertop, a substantial amount of force is required. However, the sealant might get damaged through impact during use. This sealant can be stripped and replaced by a specialist leaving the countertop good as new.

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